About Me

Welcome to Colour My World Happy!

Colour My World Happy started out as a hashtag in July 2015 for the colourful outfits I wore and posted almost every day on Instagram. It was also a metaphor for doing things that brought happiness, joy and meaning into my everyday mummy life. Please look me up and follow me on instagram under this name as well as BudgetlifeOm.

I found a community of mums sharing in a similar journey. I look online a lot for tips, inspiration, advice and learning from shared experiences. I have created this opportunity for myself as a way to share my own.

This blog is an outlet for just that.  I struggle through many things and definitely not an expert. This blog is my take on how I get through things. Hopefully this creates an opportunity for others to reach out as well. It was something that I used to talk to my husband about – I just didn’t get around to it. Now I am. A lot has happened since I first wanted to do this.

My husband passed away from a rare cancer (carcinoma of unknown primary) on 7th November 2016. He was only diagnosed a mere four months prior. A strong, healthy perfect human being who looked after himself and loved life. He had so much to look forward to. This is still a shock and has turned our lives upside down. Our son was only four years old then.

My gorgeous son reluctantly started kindergarten this year (2017). School mum life here we go for the next thirteen years!

I am slowly trying to build our lives again. Doing this without my love is daunting but I believe he is with us all the way.

I have just dived right into this blog world without much research, created this site and and written this intro all within an hour! I will create content as I go along. Be kind people.

I hope you connect with something from reading my ramblings on this site. Whether it is something you relate to, or gives you hope, some learning, or simply a laugh. Yes, we do want to have fun along the way.

Thank you!