Teacher Gift Guide

Teacher Gift Guide


Is this your first time getting a teachers’ gift? Did you struggle with what to get?  I did.  I’m sharing what I put together for Ryan’s teacher this year and hope this helps you with yours.

Teachers are so important and they spend the most amount of time with our children. This has been a big year for Ryan. The support, care and attention provided by his teacher was instrumental in getting him settled down with new routines and his new way of life.  He went through a lot of changes within the span of a few months. Losing his daddy, moving home and to a new suburb, starting school,  and making new friends.. That is a lot of change for a four year old.  I truly appreciated everything that she and school has done for Ryan this year.

I decided to keep my gifts limited to stationery, with some chocolates thrown in given the festive season.   I also gave some chocolates to the school admin team and the after school carers. While I’ve done this up as a complete pack, they would make perfect gifts as individual sets if you have a group of teachers to give them to. I’ve detailed this further on in this post.

This is my standard approach to any gift giving:

  1. Have a budget of what you will spend. Work out how much you can afford. Remember, appreciation and gratitude is not measured by how expensive your gifts are. I spent under $40 on my gift pack. The teacher had other helpers and I’m sure she will share this pack with her team. I wouldn’t normally spend this much but I ended up getting a lot of things on sale.  The school had also set a limit of $50 as a maximum for any gifts.  Take advantage of the sales and stretch that dollar as far as you can.
  2. Have a sense of humour. I put a roll of bubble wrap so she can burst them to her hearts content which made her laugh when she saw it. Be sure to keep gifts appropriate as everyone has a different take on humour so stay within a comfortable and acceptable zone with the person on the receiving end.
  3. Add a personal touch. Ryan made a card and did some drawings for his teacher. I also got some stencils and card packs from my local Kmart and we sponged some paint on them for a bit of DIY Christmas/thank you cards. These may not necessarily be the cheaper option as I saw a pack of 16 readymade cards for $2. My DIY cards aren’t extravagant or fancy but it’s something I enjoy doing. We turned this into an arts and crafts hour and had fun while Ryan’s choice of Justin Bieber Christmas carols was playing the background.
Christmas Cards.jpg
  1. Find out what the teacher likes.  There are so many types of gifts you can choose. Depending how well you know them or their interests, there many options.  I picked one theme only. Ryan is good at picking up on what people like and I usually get him to choose. This time he didn’t give away much. Most of the other mums were first timers like me and I didn’t get a chance to speak to those who had been around longer.  I also called the school admin team to find out what she may like. There is a café next to the school and I thought I could put a voucher in there for her but quickly found out she didn’t drink tea or coffee. I had volunteered a couple of times so had made little observations on what they used a lot in class and what was on her desk. This gave me the idea for the pack I created.

The following can be done up as gift packs for around $10-12 per set:

Mug filled with markers (glitter gel pens, highlighters, and whiteboard markers)

I love using mugs as stationery cup holders. I have this exact same one on my study table. Plus I love the words and have a wall print in the same. You may have heard that teachers get too many mugs so get creative with what you use them for. This mug was $3 from Kmart and the pens etc were as little as $2 per pack.

Mug with markers

Rose Gold Writing set (paper weight, decorative sticky notes, memo pad, paper clips and dispenser)

The style or colour depends on your personal tastes.  They were about $3 each from Target.

rose gold set


We weren’t allowed to give wine etc as gifts so I loved the mock champagne packaging of these chocolates.  This was $10, on sale at 50% off from Big W.


Get some clear wrapping, ribbon and a basket and you’ve got yourself a perfect gift pack!


Thank you teachers for all your time and effort and for doing such an amazing job with our children!


Do you have any other tips to share? Would love to hear them.

Happy gift giving!


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