The Op Side of Retail Therapy

The Op Side of Retail Therapy


That one time I found 3 winter coats for less than $100 in total.

I love Opshopping! I can picture of some of you twisting your nose and thinking hell no. Opshop finds often have so much character and history. They can be quality pieces that are not made anymore or unusual and individual pieces, that mass produced items can’t compare with. If I could, everything in my home would be recycled/re-used/up-cycled. It takes time and effort though, and you need patience to come across pieces that you love. Where I can have a quick win for that side of me that wants to be earth friendly, reduce waste etc – is with clothes and I save a lot of money too. Because lets face it ladies – we are never going to stop shopping! Its in our DNA. I just have to get creative as to how this indulgence can be sustainable and monetarily harmless in my grand plans to Savedom.

Coming from a big family, Im no stranger to reusing and recycling clothes. In fact, I encourage it. When Ryan was born, I hardly bought anything new and was given hand-me-downs from shoes to car seats. They were from my nephew, colleagues at work, and friends and family. I passed them on once he outgrew it or donated to local charities.

Back to Winter Jackets. I’m very particular about my winter clothing. Firstly, they must be of top quality. I bought my green Witchery jacket (below) 15 plus years ago, and as you can see I hardly fit into. Similarly this yellow Table Eight was from my size 8 days (aka when I used to be able to button them up – look at the gap now!)

My jackets must be made of wool or mostly wool. My body does not like synthetic fibres (I don’t know whose body does!) and with breathable fabric combos. I love a tailored look with good stitching and detail – but recently have worn various combos – sometimes I have to focus on why I have it in the first place – to stay warm.

I always check the label on what combo of fabric was used – majority must be natural fibres

I seem to generally spend most of my money on outerwear for my winter wardrobe. I saw some beautiful ones in store recently and the ones I loved were priced upwards of $300. I could have bought one, but something else would have had to give. That same week, I passed the local St Vinnies shop enroute my son’s swimming class one fine Saturday morning. The intention was to pop by and ask them how to donate Ryan’s baby clothes, shoes, and toys. I also wanted to register my details with them to offer volunteer work when I could – but that requires a set and committed time of several hours a week normally on a weekday. Might look into that later. I looked around and the Assistant said they had just got a whole heap of winter clothing. I thought perfect! I was looking for a winter coat. My previous coats don’t fit me at the moment and I still can’t remember where I put that bag/box with last years’ jackets when we moved to our place. That was October last year and I still haven’t completely settled down yet.

I also found a beautiful cashmere shawl. The gorgeous navy trench coat was Burberry. I don’t know if its a fake or not but the Assistant said you will be pleasantly surprised. They occasionally get designer labels and that coat had just come in that morning (talk about wishful thinking – I had tried a beautiful one in Hong Kong in April)

I was about to pull out my credit card – remember my last post plastic plunge – cutting up my credit card  Oh…, I then quickly totalled up how much it will come up to and with a swelled up chest (like I need that) I said to myself – I got this! I sweetly pulled out my debit card to my “Splurge” account (thank you Scott Page from The Barefoot Investor, more on him later in another post).

So here is my haul from my Opshopping adventure one fine Saturday morning.


Photos taken by Mr 5 who did well to collect some $$ to put away into his money jar.

If you love opshopping share your stories with me and hashtag #colourmyworldhappy

Happy opshopping!

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